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Chaps  10Jacey-BW

Jacey Medium Tote in Black/White

Chaps  6049-140-1472

Turquoise Pendant and Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490614-G03

Chain-Link Bracelet in Silver

Chaps  60490677-H46

Turquoise Tear-Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490681-H46

Flower Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490684-276

Lapis Ball Earrings

Chaps  60491393-284

Abalone and Silver Drop Earrings

Chaps  60491394-284

Abalone and Silver Stud Earring

Chaps  60491406-284

28" Long Pendant

Chaps  60491516-G03

Silver Pendant on Leather Necklace

Chaps  60490673-H46

Turquoise Stud Earring

Chaps  60491495-276

Convertible Necklace with Charms

Chaps  60491497-276

Silver and Navy Stretch Bracelet

Chaps  60491503-276

Silver/Navy Double Drop Earrings

Chaps  60492769-G03

Linear Drop Earrings

Chaps  60500072-358

Gold Hoops with Leather Accent

Chaps  60517257-5PJ

Silver Hoops with Leather Accent

Chaps  60524568-284

Abalone Chubby Hoops

Chaps  60490664-H46

Concha Stone Cord Pendant

Chaps  60490667-H46

Turquoise Bead Bracelet

Chaps  60490612-G03

Silver Beaded Collar Necklace

Chaps  60490620-G03

Silver Double Bead Drop Earring

Chaps  60490622-200

Silver Beaded Necklace and Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490674-H46

Turquoise Single Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490702-G03

Classic Click-it Hoop Earrings in Silver

Chaps  60512235-G03

Silver Layered Disc Drop Earrings

Chaps  60512271-887

Gold Tone Threader Earrings

Chaps  60516850-Z01

Stone Drop Earrings

Chaps  60490600-200

Turquoise Bracelet and Drop Earrings